Senate proposes $1.3 billion in cuts to K-12 funding

March 30, 2009 at 11:35 am Leave a comment

The Washington State Senate released its proposed budget this morning, including $1.3 billion in cuts to K-12 education funding. The biggest hit comes to I-728 funds, which was passed by voters to reduce class size and expand professional development opportunities for teachers. The proposal cuts 93% of those funds. In addition, the budget would eliminate funding for enhanced staffing ratios for K-4 classes and cut 75% of levy equalization dollars. Levy equalization, the local effort assistance program (LEA), provides additional resources to districts with lower property values.

The House is expected to release its budget proposal tomorrow, Tuesday March 31st and 10 am. The two chambers will spend the next month hashing out an agreement on the budget, which the Governor has to sign by April 26th, the last day of the 2009 Legislative Session.

Read more:

The Seattle Times’ article on the budget
The Seattle Times’ analysis of education cuts
Specifics on the K-12 budget created by Senate Ways & Means staff.


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