Historic Senate vote: Now help us cross the finish line!

April 17, 2009 at 2:10 pm Leave a comment

You’re making the difference! Yesterday afternoon the Senate made an historic vote for children and our public school system by passing a striking amendment to HB 2261 by 26 to 23 votes.

This striking amendment includes much of what we liked in HB 2261 including a definition of basic education that includes 24 core credits for high school graduation, full-day kindergarten, and the intent to establish early learning for at risk children as basic education. The provisions for accountability for poor performing schools and a statewide data system are stronger than the original house bill.

Thank you for speaking out and showing up for children this legislative session – your persistent advocacy is making history.

Now help us cross the finish line – take two more actions today:

1. Thank Senate leaders for their courageous vote.
Call Senator Rosemary McAuliffe at 360.786.7600 and, if they voted yes, your Senator.
Find out how your Senator voted and get their phone number at www.stand.org/wa/edreform.

2.  Then turn your attention to the House – call Speaker Frank Chopp at 360.786.7920.
Encourage Speaker Chopp to bring ESHB 2261 as amended in the Senate for a concurrence vote on the House floor – that means a straight yes or no vote on ESHB 2261 – no amendments or tinkering.

It’s up to all of us – parents, educators, and students – to ensure members of the House of Representatives make the right decision on behalf of children this legislative session.

After you thank Sen. McAuliffe and your Senator, please take just one more quick moment to call Speaker Chopp and ask him to bring ESHB to the House floor for a concurrence vote.

Congratulations and thank you for making a huge stride for children in Washington.


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