Keep Speaking Up, from Lobbyist Jim Kainber

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Race to the Top Legislation

SB 6696 – the Governor’s proposal that would align the State of Washington with the expectations of the Federal Race to the Top Grant, as well as evolving expectations to seek Title One education funds, and No Child Left Behind funds.  Received a majority of the Senate K-12 committee’s support.

After the Senate vote to punt on any meaningful improvements,  the bill moved to the House, where it was referred to the Education Committee for a hearing, which happened Wednesday.  The Excellent Schools Now Coalition was unified in our efforts to modify the bill to include statewide standards for teacher evaluation, and inclusion of student growth data in evaluations. Stand members from Issaquah, Kent and Bellevue knocked it out of the park making our case.  We are working very closely with Skip Priest, who plans to reintroduce the amendment, which passed in committee before, on statewide evaluation standards, and he is working on the other amendment to include student growth data – and we have been vigorously reaching out to Education committee members in advance of the executive session where they decide the bill’s fate – possibly as early as next Monday or Tuesday.

HB 2261 and Quality Education Council Progress

2776 was heard in the Senate K-12 committee, and Stand for Children team leaders gave very cogent remarks in favor of the House version.  Senators peppered Skip Priest and Pat Sullivan on the bill, with the sharpest questions coming from Senator Oemig around feasibility of the model school, and funding.  The bill’s fate is uncertain, and we do not know if any amendments are brewing.   

6778 Lowering Graduation Standards

While our focus was on RTTT and 2776, a seemingly innocuous bill, sponsored by Senator McAuliffe, moved out of the Senate.  It would effectively alter the entire system of graduation requirements at the state and school district level and allow students with a 3.0 grade point to opt out of all electives and graduate with just 16 core credits.  This would have the exact opposite effect as the efforts of OSPI and the State Board of Education and efforts to enact CORE 24.  We will be opposing this, and are counting votes on the Education Committee against it.


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This week in Olympia ~ from lobbyis, Jim Kainber A small victory, but victory none the less – from Jim Kainber

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