Thank you legislative leaders – from lobbyist, Jim Kainber

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Governor, Senate and House Leadership Step Up to the Plate and Delivers Stand for Children and Partners Significant Victories in Closing Hours of Regular Legislative Session

A lot has been said about Majority Leader Lisa Brown, House Speaker Frank Chopp and the Governor with regard to their involvement in moving education reform legislation this year.  When all the post cards were dropped, the calls and emails were all done,and the final dust settled, they did what good leaders do: they compromised on key points that were holding up the legislation, and everybody got something, but not everything they wanted.

That is good legislating and we should all be very proud of the work we have done to be a part of the efforts that passed these significant reforms for our state.

2776/2261 QEC Reforms PASSED BOTH HOUSES

In a late night, eleventh hour vote, brokered by Lisa Brown, Frank Chopp and the Governor, both houses agreed to pass 2776 (QEC reforms) as we want it with one change to satisfy the Senate concern about not binding the Legislature next session without a revenue source.  The new language will say the state must begin funding K-3 enhancements, MSOC and transportation in the 2013 biennium and compete funding it in the 2017 biennium.  This is a good compromise, and we owe Pat Sullivan and Marcie Maxwell a big thanks, and our ongoing support for this important work!!!

Sealed and delivered…on its way to the Governor’s desk!

6696 Race to the Top PASSED BOTH HOUSES

Both houses have passed 6696 as it left the House. That means it will include the important amendment to require OSPI to make a recommendation to the legislature with respect to teacher and principal evaluations.

While this falls short of what we had hoped for, it is a strong bill that is our best chance to align the state with many of the provisions required for RTTT application.  The most important of which is that it gives the state authority to intervene in poor performing schools.

6759/2731 Early Learning  PASSED BOTH HOUSES

Much about these bills in their final incarnations needs to be sorted out, but a compromise was reached that WILL provide early learning to at-risk 3-4 year olds in our state.  While it appears it will not be defined as basic education – and therefore will remain a discretionary program of the state, it is a big step in educating this vulnerable group.


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Stakes are High – from Lobbyist Jim Kainber Where do we Stand?

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