Stand Wins in PUBLICOLA

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From Publicola ( on November 3rd

Today’s Winner: Stand For Children

Of course, the zealous ed reform group are declaring themselves winners today, too—ten out of the 14 candidates they supported this year are winning. Another SFC candidate, Steve Hobbs, is too close to call. (The losers in the bunch are 34th district Rep. candidate Mike Heavey, 6th district Rep. candidate John Driscoll, and 17th district Rep. candidate Monica Stonier, all Democrats.

The too-close-to-call ed reformer is Sen. Steve Hobbs (D-44). He’s basically tied with his Republican opponent Dave Schmidt—they’re tied by two votes.

This is the group’s first big year getting involved in races—they’ve spent $244,000 on candidates this year, plus $78,330 in independent expenditures, versus $20,000 and no independent expenditures in 2008—and ten winning candidates is a pretty good score.

We also think it’s good that their slate of candidates are bipartisan—seven Republicans, 21 Democrats—meaning that Rs and Ds will have a least a bit of common ground when the new legislative session, with new Republican reinforcements, begins in January.

Chris Kissel


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Inside the Campaign – from Lobbyist Jim Kainber Post-Election Message from Stand’s CEO, Jonah Edelman

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