Who is Stand for Children?

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There has been a lot of talk lately about who Stand for Children is and who is driving our priorities and goals for Washington.  We thought we’d take just a couple minutes to set the record straight on who we are and what we do.

Who is Stand for Children?

First and foremost, Stand for Children is an organization dedicated to ensuring that all children get the education they deserve, especially those who are most affected by the opportunity gap.

Stand is made up of volunteers in the community; parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, concerned citizens – real people who care about our students, our public schools and our communities.   These dedicated individuals are the driving force behind the work we do and the priorities we set.  In a survey of our supporters aimed at helping us learn more about what our community wants to prioritize in our work:

  • 28% of respondents are current or former educators
  • 62% are a parent or grandparent of a public school student
  • 20% are members of a union or have a family member who is
  • 50% are active in other community organizations such as: PTA, NAACP, church groups etc.

All are residents of Washington who care deeply about making a difference for students in our state.

What does Stand for Children do?

Stand for Children works to improve outcomes for kids in three ways:

  1. We work with parents, teachers, community members and partner organizations to educate and empower real people to become community advocates on behalf of our students for the changes needed in their community.  These community advocates help set our priorities and goals for the work we do on behalf of Washington students.
  2. We work to influence policies at the state and local level to support the changes to our system needed to implement the goals set in partnership with our local community advocates, to ensure all our students have a chance to succeed.
  3. We work to support and elect education champions to public office, chosen by our community advocates, who will be strong voices for our students and our communities.

Who are our funders?

In Washington, Stand receives about 30% of its leadership center funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (which provides billions of dollars in grants for non-profit organizations around the world) to support our work in local chapters around community engagement. While we are very grateful for this generous support, 70% of our 501c3 revenue (community engagement funding) and 100% of our 501c4 revenue (state and local policy advocacy funding) comes from individual donors and the support of our members all across the state.

That means that ALL of our work on policy advocacy and our legislative priorities is funded by the contributions of individual members and supporters in the community. 

This is just a quick snap shot, but it’s our leaders and community advocates who really make up Stand for Children and define who we are.  Check out Stand stories and learn more about Stand for Children.  

Elisabeth Myers
Communications Director, Stand for Children


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